Cesarean Section Versus Natural Birth

An expectant mother should be knowledgeable enough about what type of childbirth she would nicely want to take. These two kinds of childbirth differs from the process of delivery, to the recovery and up to the possible dangers to encounter.

Mostly, natural birth is the preferable form for most mothers. When a mother has a normal pregnancy and both her and the baby has no apparent threat, it is the best method. During the birthing process, the mother will be able to feel the pain of full process as the baby is pushed through the birth canal. Also, after a natural birth, the mother can start to breastfeed the baby to help strengthen their bond as mother and child. Many women have strengthened after the birthing experience, as what they have said.

Usually mothers would stay for one to two days after this kind of birthing process. They experience a faster recovery period with less pain compared to the hypnobirthing method. Babies born with the natural birthing process are not prone to diseases and infections in pulmonary and respiratory system. Also, this childbirth method is less expensive. Also, mothers has a lower risk of obtaining hemorrhages, internal organ complications and blood clots.

On the other hand, the cesarean section will make an incision right through the abdomen and uterus part of the body as the baby will be manually taken from the womb. Compared to the natural birthing, cesarean section is a major surgery. It will present complications as an aftermath of the anesthesia, it might be blood clots, internal organ injuries, infections and hemorrhages. And, the recovery time in the hospital is longer usually a minimum of four day.

Breastfeeding is also possible after this kind of delivery, but it will certainly be difficult. The mother will struggle with the milk production and the breastfeeding position. That can cause delay in the bond between the mother and child. This kind of gentle c-section method is also more expensive in comparison to the natural delivery. Also, after the surgery, during the recovery process, the mother will feel pain around the incision. Also, the baby via this method is more prone to diseases and infections.

When you compare the risk and benefits between the natural birth and the cesarean one, the better and most recommended one os the natural birthing process. It is more beneficial as to the recovery time, the health condition of the baby and the mother and the expenses. But sadly, some mothers can't acquire this method due to some complications even if they wish to. Women should ask for the assistance of their doctors with regards to this matter. For more details, you can visit http://www.ehow.com/how_3530_prepare-cesarean-section.html.